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FTC Pushes ‘Stop’ On Free CD Scam

The Federal Trade Commission put the kibosh on Think All Publishing for alleged deceptive online marketing and billing practices. A US Magistrate judge recommended an injunction against the company to pull the reins on its “Free Software CD” Internet scam, and ordered the company’s assets frozen.

Free Software – Should it Be Free?

By now, you’ve probably heard about or read Mark Shuttleworth’s view on keeping free software free. Matt Asay has a take on Mark’s post here.

Which Sites Have $10 Free Google Checkout Promo?

Download Squad’s Jordan Running took upon the task of discovering which stores, beyond the 15 listed on the promo page, are participating in Google Checkout’s deal that gives ten dollars off the first purchase a new Google Checkout user makes.

Google Unbound And Free Online Books

Google wants publishers and authors not to fear giving away electronic books online saying that it will ultimately lead to more book sales. At the Google Unbound conference yesterday at the New York Public Library the focus was the marketing potential of offering free books online.

On the Job Training for More Effective Managers

Every serious manager and supervisor knows HR seminars and trainings are not just perfect excuses for yet another powerpoint presentation and coffee-and-biscuit break.

Hardware Essentials for Windows Vista

Windows Vista works based on the capabilities of the hardware installed. Windows Vista Capable PCs and Windows Vista Premium Ready PCs both are geared for running Windows Vista but the experience varies with the “premium” delivering more advanced user experience.

Video Syndication Equals Free Targeted Traffic

When article directories became the rage a few years ago, now with hundreds, even thousands of them all over the web, syndication became a serious business.

Free Microsoft Analytics Coming

Search Engine Guide writes that Microsoft has confirmed code name: “Gatineau“, a free website analytics package that will roll out later this year.

Maturation of Paid Search – End of Free Lunch

There’s certainly been a lot of noise being generated by medium-sized companies, complaining they’re no longer getting the same ROI from paid search – especially from Google AdWords.

Spammers Catch Wind of MyBlogLog

MyBlogLog is on so many popular blogs that it was just a matter of time before it started to be abused by spammers.

Cache Date – New Google PageRank

Given Google’s reliance on core domain authority and displaying outdated PageRank scores, cache date is a much better measure of the authority of a particular page or site than PageRank is.

Google Offers Free Real-time Stock Quotes

Recent upgrades and enhanced design features implemented within Google Finance have analysts wondering if Google can close the financial services gap and catch up to Yahoo as a comprehensive market resource.

French Politics Goes To The Blogs

The next president of France may owe the blogosphere a debt of gratitude after toiling in “la toile,” the fabric of the Internet.

UC Berkley Offers Free Podcast Courses

Students at UC Berkley might be surprised to find out that the very same courses for which they pay full tuition are available as a free download from an iTunes site specifically set up by the university.

Sony to Release Internet Ready Television
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Sony has unveiled a new TV feature called “Bravia Internet Video Link” that will allow most of its new televisions to access free Internet video content. Online content, including high-definition feeds, will be available from providers such as AOL, Yahoo, Grouper, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Sony BMG Music.

Microsoft and Edelman Make Two Mistakes

I wasn’t going to share my thoughts on Microsoft sending out free laptops to some A-list bloggers.

Is There a Future for Skype’s Free US Deal?

Skype has been running a great deal the last few months, letting people living in the US call landlines in the country for free.

YouTube Now Using Flash Media Server

I bet that got your attention :-)

Wikia Giving It All Away

Maybe Amazon invested so much money in Wikia, the company that runs the publicly edited Wikipedia, that founder Jimmy Wales started sounding like an end of the summer car commercial. Wales launched OpenServing today, which makes software, bandwidth, storage, computing power, content, and advertising open source. That means free.

Google AdWords Takes You Online

Google has added hosted pages for businesses to its AdWords Starter Edition, as they aim for local companies that may not be online yet to have a web page along with their paid advertising.

Windows XP “Virtually” Free

Microsoft has done a really cool thing, and made a legal, activated copy of a Windows XP SP2 Virtual PC image available as a free download.