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Bing: We Don’t Track The ‘Bing It On’ Results Because Of Privacy, Have No Idea If People Are More Likely To Select Bing

Bing has no idea if people are more likely to select Bing results when using its Bing It On challenge, and has admitted as much in a blog post defending its campaign. Despite being over a year old, the Bing It On challenge has been in the news this week, due to a study from Freakonomics’ Ian Ayres and a …

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Google Agrees: They Are Good At Search

No false modesty exists at Google when it comes to the search service that springboarded their success.

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Readers Want The Full RSS Monty

We can all agree, I think, that for things we like, full is better than partial. This goes for nudity, chocolate donuts, and cleanliness. But we’re really talking about readership here, and text feeds, and the ongoing riff between reader and publisher regarding subscriber entitlement.

Publishers, who tend to favor partial RSS feeds and work them like broadcast news teasers, want readers to click through and visit the website. If increasing page views is the goal, then this makes intuitive sense.

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Freakonomics At Google

The Google Blog has a post on the Freakonomics guys giving a presentation that was apparently very popular at the Googleplex.

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