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Pope Francis Draws 3 Times More People Than Benedict

In the 9 months since his installment, Pope Francis has been full of surprises. The fact that he was the first non-European pope in 1300 years started things off. But it only got better from there. Now Reuters reports that Pope Francis, in just those 9 months, has drawn triple the crowds that his predecessor, Pope Benedict, did in the …

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Mad Men Triggers @FatBettyFrancis Twitter Account

The new season of Mad Men has the internet abuzz with parodies, promotions and all kinds of publicity on social media sites. The latest is a fake twitter Warning: Spoilers One of the major sub-plots to last weeks episode was the return of Don’s ex-wife Betty Draper Francis, in particular her sudden weight gain. In the episode, Betty’s mother-in-law suggests …

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Girls Gone Wild Founder Loses Defamation Suit

Nevada district court judge Mark Denton awarded casino mogul Steve Wynn $7.5 million in a defamation suit against Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis Wednesday. The damages were awarded after Wynn testified in a ‘prove up hearing,’ to where a lawsuit goes uncontested. Francis had tried to seek a continuance in the case, to retain a new attorney, but Wynn’s …

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