Digital Photo Frames Pique Searcher Interest

Digital Photo Frames Pique Searcher Interest

By WebProNews Staff November 30, 2007

This holiday season, an unexpected gadget is high on the wish list, if a spate of searches in the United Kingdom is any indication. Searches for digital photo frames outpaced searches for digital cameras there last week.

What You Should Know About Site Layout, Frames and Tables

Frames Vs Tables

Some people like to use frames on their sites. I would recommend you avoid them if you can … and you probably can.

Frames and Search Engines

When it comes to framed sites and the effect that the use of frames by a site has on its search engine ranking, there are two schools of thought. Some people say that framed sites, if done properly, have no problems in getting good rankings in the search engines. Others claim that if search engine optimization is important to you, never use frames.

How do You Optimize a Web Site that Uses Frames and Server-Side-Includes?

Dear Jim,
“When creating things like a text menu with all the main links at the bottom of each page, does it create a problem for the spiders if you use server side includes? Can the spider find the links in that include page? I have a lot of stuff like the menu that are on every page and would like to put it into an SSI page to simplify maintenance.”

SEO Corner – Frames, JavaScript and Search Engines

Question: My site has frames and JavaScript. How can I tell if it is being fully seen/indexed by the search engines?

Ross Dunn Answers SEO Questions
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Frames and SEO

Dear Robin,

Q:After reading the latest WebProNews Article about Search-Engines dropping sites, I felt I had to ask a few more questions.

I hope you are able to help.

FRAMES – My web-site uses frames as it is quicker to load pages with the header and TOC (Table of Contents) static on screen rather than load them up again every time somebody clicks a link to another page. Is this a problem with search engine optimisation and does it lead to SE’s ranking you lower in the listings.

How to Optimize a Framed Site for High Rankings

Is Your Framed Site Doomed? Not Necessarily!

The question of whether or not to use frames when designing a Web site seems to be as old as time, or at least as old as frames themselves!