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Jennifer Aniston Talks New Fragrance

If you are looking for a new summer scent, Jennifer Aniston has one that you are sure to love. The former Friends actress recently launched her second fragrance called J by Jennifer Aniston. Aniston described the scent as an alternative for the fruity choices, and says that the scent reminds her of arriving at the beach. “My debut fragrance is …

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Jessica Simpson Super Sexy in Her Fragrance Ad

Jessica Simpson is looking super sexy these days and that’s abundantly clear in an ad for her new signature fragrance. The 33-year-old mom of two and soon-to-be wife of former NFL Player Eric Johnson lost lots of weight–she was a Weight Watchers spokesperson after all–and she’s looking like she has a new lease on life. She and Johnson are set …

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Jay Z Releases New Men’s Fragrance: Gold Jay Z

Just when you thought Jay Z could not possibly do anything more as a business mogul, he comes out with a new fragrance for men. He debuted his new fragrance, which he calls “Gold Jay Z” on Friday November 1st. It will be sold starting November 20th at Barneys in New York. The new fragrance will launch at the store, …

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New Fragrance Makes You Smell Like a New Macbook Pro

There are certain things that smell unique, and can only be described by the product they represent: The new car smell, the smell of a new book or a new video game. These things smell great because of the happy feelings we associate with them. Everyone loves getting new things. Doesn’t mean that we personally want to smell like that. …

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