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Vanessa Fox Leaving Google

Google’s popular conference spokesperson and member of the Webmaster Central team, has announced that she is leaving the company to join real estate search company, Zillow.

Google Lets The Fox Out

The Google Eye-Candy Jar is officially less full. Webmaster Central’s Vanessa Fox is leaving the search giant to pursue Rand Fishkin a job with Zillow.

Vanessa Fox Moves
Vanessa Fox Moves
Google Increases Efforts to Identify Paid Links

Over at the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog, Vanessa Fox announces a “report paid links” feature, after previously asking us to use the spam report to snitch on those selling paid links.

Fox Buys Photobucket and Flektor

Fox Interactive Media (FIM) has confirmed they are buying Photobucket and Flektor. Photobucket is a photo and video sharing service and Flektor allows users to create videos and slide shows with their photos.

Webmasters, Take Note Of Universal Google

Since Google has updated its search to make results from different verticals more available, webmasters can make people more aware of their site’s contents.

MySpace Launches Tool To Fight Infringement

MySpace has launched a new copyright protection tool in an effort to combat infringing video content. The tool called "Take Down Stay Down" prevents users from re-posting videos that have been previously removed at the request of copyright owners.

Social Technographics Reaches The Audience

Charlene Li at Forrester Research has introduced a new buzzphrase: social technographics.

It’s all about using the right technologies to build relationships.

A Conversation With Google’s Vanessa Fox
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Nobody stands up Mike McDonald. Nobody, not even Google’s Vanessa Fox. Back on a cold December day amid the howling Chicago winds, poor Mike sat alone, waiting for Google’s Webmaster Central product manager. Alas, but all is vanity, and SEOMoz.org’s Rand Fishkin stole the show (and the interview).

My Fox LA – Wisdom of Crowds Search

One interesting service that I learned about today was a site search service called Collarity. They offer a site based search service that can display community-clustered search results based on previous users actions. The service can also deliver optimized ads with the search results allowing publishers another way to monetize content.

TV Web Sites Heat Up During Prime Time

Television viewers are increasingly turning to TV Web sites during prime time, weekdays 8pm-11pm and are spending more time there, according to the latest research from Nielsen//NetRatings.

Hearst & Fox, a YouTube Killer?
Last month Hearst announced their plans for 12 new online video channels to partner with their magazine websites. Now they are partnering with Fox Television Studios for their CosmoGirl and Popular Mechanics video channels, according to MediaPost.

YouTube? Eh, MySpace Is The One To Watch
· 3

All of us that doubted the power of MySpace should be ashamed ourselves. I was chief among the doubters, nearly certain that once MySpace’s teenybopper base grew up, News Corp. would feel the pain of it in the wallet. But two things happened: MySpace blew up YouTube; and last week blew up MSN Video.

Fox, MySpace Ready To Roll Their Own Ads

Fox Interactive Media now has the tools in place to start relying less on third-party ad placement systems and more on what they can sell based on the data they have, like all of those MySpace profiles just hanging around the social networking site.

Fox Acquires Strategic Data

Fox Interactive Media (FIM), a division of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp., has acquired interactive advertising-technology company Strategic Data Corp (SDC).

SDC’s system automatically optimizes the selection of creative for each impression to maximize profitability by combining sophisticated statistical and predictive algorithms, demographic and geographic segmentation, and performance tracking.

Fox Goes Aggressively Viral To Promote New Show

In what it calls "an unprecedented cross-divisional marketing initiative," Fox is about to flood every medium at its disposure to promote its new comedy "The Winner" starring Rob Corddry, formerly of "The Daily Show."

Seth MacFarlane and Ricky Blitt, the same guys responsible for "Family Guy," are at the helm of this show too, at they are looking to build up as much buzz as possible.

Google’s Webmaster Tools Out of Beta

Vanessa Fox has reported on Official Google Webmaster Central Blog that Google is taking webmaster tools out of beta and allowing webmasters and others to comment on the blog.

Vanessa says on bidding farewell to beta:

Hillary Clinton and Web 2.0
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Either someone smart is working with Senator – and would-be POTUS – Hillary Clinton, or she is a lot hipper to the Web 2.0 jive than I might have thought.

TMZ.com Makes Move To TV

The popular online entertainment celebrity site TMZ.com will soon be a daily television show starting in the fall. Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution and the Fox Owned Television Stations have joined together for the multi-year deal. The show will simply be called TMZ.

Viacom Turned Off By YouTube Clone

It seems that the major broadcast networks idea to create a rival to the popular video-sharing site YouTube could be in jeopardy. As reported earlier in the week NBC Universal, Fox, CBS and Viacom were all in discussions about creating a video site that could compete with YouTube. That all could change.

YouTube Could Have Rival

The major broadcast networks are reported to be in serious talks about creating a site that would rival the popular video sharing site YouTube. As I reported last week the networks are hoping to create a site that would directly compete with YouTube. An announcement on such a deal could come as early as this week.

Networks Want Their Own YouTube

Old media is slowly waking to see the potential of online video content. CBS is a good example of this. Back in October YouTube launched a channel for CBS that has developed into a successful partnership between old media and new media. CBS has uploaded close to 300 clips since November to YouTube. Around 15 million people have viewed the clips.

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