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The Internet is All Over Climategate While the MSM Sleeps

The mainstream media has its head in the sand again while one of the largest conspiracies the world has ever seen is exposed via Internet media. As most readers have heard by now, years of emails and programming code have been uncovered from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia, which is run by the scientists whose research is the basis for the world’s belief in man-caused global warming.

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Twitter Receiving A Massive Amount Of Free Advertising

When it comes to Internet marketing and social media marketing one of the most important metrics of success is the return on investment (ROI). Everyone demands to see something that measures this although most can’t agree on just how to accomplish that. Twitter is one outlet that people are trying to measure as to just how much value do their efforts get on the micro-blogging service.

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MySpace, Fox News Reach Out With uReport

MySpace users who have an interest in citizen journalism have just been given an opportunity to get involved.  MySpace and Fox News teamed up this afternoon to launch an official uReport community page.

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Brits To Googlebomb Islamic Extremists

Well, if you can’t bomb terrorists directly, Google-bomb them I guess. Reportedly, the British government will be training sympathetic Islamic groups to use SEO in order to drown out extremist voices popping up in the search results. In a different, saner world, we used to call that “government propaganda,” even if it seems used for a good end in this …

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Fox News Tweaks Facebook Profile

Fox News Channel said today that it will add a number of enhancements to the network’s Facebook profile on Tuesday.

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Facebook Basking in Glory

It seems Facebook is all the rage, and MySpace is so over.

At least that’s the impression you’d get perusing news articles about them.

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Fox Pushed To Free Presidential Debate Videos

Followers of politics won’t see Michelle Malkin and DailyKos on the same page very often, but the cease and desist letters Fox News issued to Republican Presidential candidates regarding the use of debate videos have put them on the same side again.

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Fox News Partners With Maven Networks

Fox News has selected Internet TV platform Maven Networks to run all of its online video channels for its global news network.

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