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Zooey Deschanel Dance Battles Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel, for president? If she ran, Zooey Deschanel would definitely give her her vote. Biel guest stars on New Girl‘s season 4 premiere. She plays Kat, a sexy scientist. Deschanel’s character Jess decides to hit on the best man at the last wedding of the summer. Veep‘s Reid Scott also guest stars as the best man. Jess and him …

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David Mazouz Cast As Young Bruce Wayne In Fox’s “Gotham”

Fox’s new show Gotham has received its big casting parts with the recent addition of the characters Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne, who will be played by David Mazouz. The show is essentially a prequel to Batman, and will focus on Bruce Wayne as the pre-teen billionaire, before he learns to fight, and develops the urge to seek justice. Gotham …

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Online Petition Created To Help Save Terra Nova

We all know how the power of the Internet population’s voice can change opinions on a topic. Take SOPA for example — a subject where so many people have been speaking up about their opinions pertaining to how it affects them. This premise has been channeled to help continue the story of the recently aired FOX television show Terra Nova. …

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