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The Microsoft Max Project Is Over

Microsoft MAX, one of the very first examples of Windows Presentation Foundation in action has sadly concluded, however I’m sure we will see even more powerful things emerge from this closing soon, especially from Windows Live!

Marketing Through forums and Social Networks
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When Yuri interviewed me one of his questions was in regards to finding clients through forums. I thought I’d expand a little on that question and talk about how to use forums to market yourself and your business.

Google Makes SEO List, Checks It Twice
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If you’re good this year, SEOers, Google will make sure there are no major changes to how websites are ranked, as the company has done in previous years, just before the Christmas holidays. But if you’re bad, expect to be put in SEO Time Out by being busted 30 ranks.

Woman to Google: Define ‘Fraud’
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A Washington, D.C-based corporate psychologist and jog bra seller filed suit against Google last week for $250,000 claiming the company wrongfully removed AdSense from her website.

Jill Whalen Interviewed at SES San Jose

This is Jill Whalen’s fifth or sixth interview of the day, a fact I am critically conscious of before sitting down to speak with her at 2pm on the second day of last week’s SES conference.

A few hours earlier, I breezed through the pressroom to check my emails and sort of eavesdropped on one of them. Watching Jill stir patiently while answering age-old questions is making me nervous. Obviously I needed to come up with some better questions.

Just How Social is Social Media?

Social News Sites Can Be An Inluential Part of your PR.

Ingres, BEA Partner On SOA

Ok, the way to SOA with the Ingres database and BEA is to go and download today Ingres, BEA Workshop Studio, and the Eclipse SDK.

Windows Live: Not MS As Usual

Mary Jo Foley writes that, unlike the rest of Microsoft, people actually like the Windows Live team, and want to work for it.

Delete Files and Folders in a Specified Path!
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A question I tend to see a lot in the forums is: “How do I delete a directory and all files/directories inside of that directory?”.

Yahoo Launches New Stock Forums with RSS

Do you like to keep track of message boards for a particular stock? I admit, I still keep an eye on what’s being said about a certain company from my past. 😉

Yahoo Better Than Google For Kids Schoolwork?

An 11-year old’s social studies presentation has sparked a discussion at the Digital Point search engine forums, when the girl found that Google just wasn’t good enough to help her school research.

Assertivenet is Gigablast Spider (Gigabot)

The purpose of this article is to provide evidence and information to counteract the suggestion that Assertivenet is potentially used for malicious purposes.

Podzinger Voice Recognition / Daily Roundup

Haven’t test-driven it yet, but reviewing product features, it looks like PodZinger’s ability to use voice recognition to help users search for podcasts is state of the art.

Omgili a Search Engine for Forums

Nathan points to Omgili a search engine for web-based discussion forums.

Interview with Barry Schwartz (RustyBrick)

Here’s the next installement in the series of Monday interviews called “Spotlight on Search”.

SEO and Search Engine Forums & Conferences: Are They Really Helpful?

Working in the SEO/SEM industry can be very rewarding. Many times a problem can be solved simply with a little online research, and posts on a few forums.

Yahoo Drops $20

The kids at Yahoo Search Marketing dropped the $20 monthly minimum spending requirements. This was a good PR move for Yahoo and should help them pick up some smaller customers in the early stages of experimentation with the PPC program.

SEM Test: Can You Pass The Exam?

So you think you know a little about search engine marketing? Prove it. How do you prove it? Well you take a test. It’s not a tough test, just 44 questions. Think you can ace it? Give it a whirl.

Y Yahoo Cant Be Y.com

Yahoo has filed to register Y.com as a trademark, but whether it will ever be able to use the single-letter domain isn’t known.

The Scoop On Search Based News

One of the final sessions of the day was the “Meet The News Search Engines” and I decided to check out the session. While there weren’t huge numbers of people like at some of the other sessions, the information gave some great insight into how the news gathering aspects of the search engines come together.

SES Search Engine Ad Buys

The heart and soul of the search engine industry is advertising. It’s how those great and wonderful searches get paid for. At this year’s SES: San Jose, a seminar on how get started in search ads as well as how to improve what you have already. WebProNews’ own Chris Richardson sent in a lot of information.