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Webcasts from Google Developer Day

As you may know, tomorrow (May 31st 2007) Google will hold a developer day in different locations around the world. If you can’t make it, you can watch the developer day webcasts for Mountain View and London – and if you do make it, please add your photos and other impressions in the forum thread.

According to a Google press release, the webcasts will include:

Yahoo Autos Condemned For Cloaking

The automotive world can get pretty shady, but it still came as a surprise when Yahoo was recently caught “serving keyword stuffed pages to the SE crawlers and regular pages to the average users.”  This is known as “cloaking,” and it took place on the Yahoo Autos site.

Google Video Borrowing From Metacafe

If Google Video doesn’t have the clip you’re looking for, you may be able to find it at Metacafe – through Google Video.  Yes, Google’s (less popular) video-sharing site now appears to be offering search results from sources other than Google Video and YouTube.

Judge Asks “Whats a Web Site?”

A judge in London on Wednesday said he did not understand what a Web site was during the trial of three men accused of promoting terrorism over the Internet.

When Viral Doesn’t Work
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Paul Steinbrueck, CEO of OurChurch.com, was pretty jazzed about his AIDS Clickathon idea – like a walkathon, except people click and sponsors donate to a home for orphaned African children – and he thought it was the perfect basis for a viral Internet campaign. A short time and shorter amount of money later, Paul’s trying to understand what went wrong.

Re-Upping Your Google Adwords Certification

If you earned your Google Adwords certification close to when the program was launched, it’s about time to re-take your test, and prove you’re still qualified.

Google Maps Gets Sick

WhoIsSick.org is using Google Maps in a unique way by creating a mash up that detail, the geographic area of users who are not well, along with their symptoms.

The site provides a color-coded pie chart that displays a breakdown of symptoms by percentage and covers descriptions of illnesses from muscle ache to runny nose.

YouTube Censorship in Thailand

Reuters writes:

Say Yea, Nay To Reddit’s Ads

"Brace yourself, ads are coming" – and you can vote on them.  Of course, you may choose to give every single one a thumbs down, but that’s Reddit’s problem.  They’re the ones with the new ads, and they’re the ones with the new voting system.

Baidu’s Image Search

Asian search competitor Baidu is funny. When you use their image search engine and click on a thumbnail, they’ll open a new page on their server which displays the large version of the image, with an additional link to the source page… an interesting interpretation of “fair use.” (There’s some sort of copyright notice on the page’s footer, though automatic translation programs fail to get the precise point across… part of it sounds like “This picture may be copyrighted.”)

Google BlogSearch, Ranking Blog Documents Patent
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For a long time my blogs have performed amazingly well with Google Blog Search. I always appear in the relevant results quickly, and the results I obtain have some reasonable longevity, even when I am not the original source of a story.

Considering how much competition I often have for certain search terms which everyone seems to be writing about because of common interest, I must have been doing a number of things right.

Marketers Continue Debating Best Place for Video Ads

Despite as many as 80% of online video viewers finding ads annoying, marketers are still debating whether pre-roll ads (before) or post-roll ads (after) are the best way to utilize advertising in video.

From the New Communications Forum

I’m in Las Vegas, but what happens here definitely won’t stay here. I’ll blog pretty regularly from the New Communications Forum, which begins this morning with pre-conference sessions, two in the morning and two (including the one I’m conducting on podcasting) in the afternoon.

The conference proper gets underway tomorrow with a keynote by David Weinberbger. Among the sessions I’m anxious to attend:

Advanced PR Forum – Social Media Takes Center Stage

Bulldog Reporter, Advanced PR Forum, Olympic Collection, Los Angeles

Survey: Corporate Use of Social Media

Internal communication research and training firm Melcrum is conducting a survey on social media usage in large companies.

A note I received today from MD Robin Crumby said:

IP Labeling Added to StatCounter

StatCounter has made yet another addition to their web analytics framework by adding the ability to label IP addresses that visit your site.

Here’s the offical post from the StatCounter Forum:

How this gives value to users:

- Help you identify click fraudsters

The Digital Marketing Forum

Digital Marketing Forum, an event organized by Cristian Manafu and Evensys, brings to bear the newest platforms of marketing and communication: online advertising, mobile marketing, blogging, viral marketing, podcasting, online research, 3G.

Interviewing Kris Jones and Lee Dodd

I am doing a series of post’s over at Blog.lunarpages.com about elite retreat speakers and how attendee’s will be able to take real world applications to problems they encounter while doing business online and apply them in today’s market place.

The Inclusivity of SL

Earlier this morning, I joined about 20 other avatars in the Reuters Auditorium in Second Life to hear an interview with US politician Mark Warner, former governor of the state of Virginia and potential candidate in the US presidential elections
next year.

Google Images Cleans Up Its Act

Google Image Search has undergone a mild facelift, and the search results page is no longer cluttered with text about pictures’ dimensions, file sizes, and url sources. That information is less than a mouse click away, however – positioning your cursor over an image will cause all of the info to appear in a familiar blue box.

Troubleshooting WordPress Errors

One of the great things about the WordPress community is the amazing number of people who develop plugins for the blog platform and make them freely available to anyone.

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