Kate Gosselin Calls Mothers of Multiples ‘Retarded’

Kate Gosselin Calls Mothers of Multiples ‘Retarded’

By Kimberly Ripley July 23, 2014

Kate Gosselin has allegedly used a slur that makes mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandparents, and friends of anyone who knows and loves a person with disabilities–especially Down Syndrome–bear their teeth and claws and go in for the kill. She reportedly …

Google Asks About Gmail Problems

For the record, there’s still a “beta” tag on Gmail, and so users may not be entitled to complain too loudly.  Nonetheless, issues including empty inboxes have been reported, and an official “Gmail Guide” has inquired about another matter.

Reports Indicate Another Google PR Update
The Myopia of the Valley

Robert Scoble just rips apart the NewTeeVee conference as missing the boat. And, while he might have a few points on his list of 40 … he forgets the audience, those that are going to come to the conference.

Is the audience for this conference the more advanced veterans, or is it for the new audiences (and, well, corporations) that are trying to figure out (still) what to do in all this new media, including the NewTeeVee world?

How To Deal With Image Hotlinkers
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Internet bandwidth can be a scarce commodity in the midst of a product launch, so “hotlinking” or having someone post one of your images, audio or video from their website, blog or forum can reduce your total available Internet bandwidth. Here are a couple of fixes for this issue.

SES – Organic Listings Forum
Pose questions to our panel of experts about free "organic" listing issues, plus participate in this session that allows the audience to share tips, tools and techniques. There’s no set agenda, so this is an ideal session to discuss any major recent changes with organic listings.

Doodle 4 Google Contest Creates Huge Response
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When I first wrote about Google Australia’s Doodle 4 Google contest, I thought it was a nice idea – “nice idea” meaning a warm-fuzzies PR initiative that not a lot of people would notice.  But people are noticing, and a new post on the Official Google Australia Blog quantifies the matter.

Google Extends Opt-Out Policy To CPA Testing

Google’s still testing the waters of its cost-per-action ad model, which charges advertisers only when a sale is made or a lead form is filled out. But as one publisher notes, the AdSense team is inserting CPA ads onto his blog, whether he wants them there or not.

Google Custom Search – All NoFollow
Google prevents indexing of Google Custom Search blog informs Rusty Brick. The code includes:

Google AJAX Search API Including Image Results
Google AJAX Search API now has image search results reports the Goog

DMOZ Delisting Sites For Sale?

It’s not clear if it’s a new policy or a glitch, but some webmasters are upset as it appears that the Open Directory Project (ODP) is delisting sites that post their links in the Marketplace (for sale) section.

Yahoo Publisher Network Experiences Problems

The Yahoo Publisher Network is having problems, and in an online world where things often resolve themselves in a matter of minutes, Yahoo has said, “We are actively addressing the issue and expect improvements by next week.”  Hey, Sunday morning’s only 80 or so hours away!

Ford Manipulates Forum Posts To Promote Mariner
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If nine out of ten people prefer cookies over rice cakes, gum over chewing tobacco, or champagne over sulfuric acid, haven’t you always wondered who the oddballs are?  Well, Ford’s found them, and is now using their online forum posts to promote the Mercury Mariner.

Google To Ban Ephedra Ads

Google’s crackin’ down – some AdWords users have received an email stating that the company will soon forbid any advertisements related to the drug ephedra.

Google Analytics Ready For Transition

On July 18th, Google plans to remove the old version of Analytics in favor of the updated edition.

FTC Angered By CEO’s Yahoo Forum Posts
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The Federal Trade Commission would like to scuttle the proposed takeover of Wild Oats Markets by Whole Foods, and will point to anonymous Yahoo Finance forum posts by Whole Foods’ CEO as a reason to do so.

Are Big Brands Stealing (Buying) the SERPS?
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For a long time, search engine marketers wondered why the big brands were so slow to adopt, why they seemed to be ignoring Google. They may be wishing for the old days, when smaller players with smaller budgets had a better shot at the SERPs.