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The Forrester ‘Social Computing’ Paradox

Charlene Li gives an overview of Forrester’s new “Social Computing” report. Key “tenets of social computing” outlined by Charlene:

Forrester Evaluating Corporate Blogging Solutions

Charlene Li: My definition of a blogging solution is a software or service that enables the online publication and management of a blog. At a minimum, the solution should allow the user to set up a Web page, write posts, and manage them. Blog support services like FeedBurner or aggregators like NewsGator don’t fall into this category.

Cymfony Nails Nail

Cymfony, a company that mines blogs and the MSM for PR professionals, has hired Forrester’s Jim Nail as its first chief marketing and strategy officer.

Forrester CEO: Google Leads To X Internet

Like lots of people trying to divine the inner workings and possible futures for the search engine, George Colony has some thoughts on the topic.

RSS: A Puck To Skate To

Steve Rubel is amazed that Delta Air Lines’ new website-which garnered attention from AP-has no RSS on it.

Ride the Podcasting Long Tail

According to new forecasts from The Diffusion Group, a US-based consumer technology research consultancy, demand for time-shifted digital audio files – that’s ‘podcasts’ to you and me – is expected to grow from less than 15% of portable digital music player owners in the US in 2004 to 75% by 2010.

Marketers are turning to blogs for online ad spending

Research out of Forrester is showing a growing interest to place advertisements on blogs and/or in RSS feeds. This should be no surprise, given the mainstream business coverage of blogs that has issued recently.

Forrester: Online Marketing to Reach $26 Billion by 2010

Forrester has just released its U.S. forecast for online advertising. Overall, the confidence level with traditional advertising channels is eroding which is creating more opportunities for online spending.

Podcasting: ‘Significant growth by 2010′
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Now that Pew Internet’s data on how many people listen to podcasts has been roundly trashed as untrustworthy, would you trust any numbers from anyone else on projected growth in podcasting…

Forrester: Google to Weaken as War Rages

With search engine competition spreading like fire across the Internet terrain, Forrester Research, Inc., predicts Google’s grasp on the search industry will weaken.

Forrester: Google Worth Far Less Than Speculated

Forrester has shot down recent speculations that rumors of Google’s unconfirmed IPO will raise the company’s value to over $15 billion.