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Skydiver Dies While Attempting World Record

A Berlin-native skydiver was killed Thursday morning in Eloy, Ariz., while attempting to break a world record with 222 fellow skydiving partners. Diana Paris, 46, fell to her death during a free-fall formation with the World Team group-an organization consisting of skydivers from 28 countries. Paris, which previously accomplished 1,500 successful jumps, reportedly died due to malfunctions with her parachute. …

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Skydiver Falls to Death, Parachute Gets Entangled During Dive

Ken Oka was a well renowned formation skydiver; the 62 year old veteran had taken part in formation skydiving for years. However, a complication during a dive lead Ken Oka to getting his chute wrapped around himself, and he wasn’t able to get untangled before plummeting to his death. The maneuver involved multiple divers, two of which landed safely in …

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