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CES 2013: HAPIfork Changes How You Eat (And That’s A Good Thing)

Does the very idea of a smart fork amuse you? It sure amused me, but it’s a very serious piece of new tech at CES 2013 this year. It’s a small part of the personal health tech market that has seen some tremendous growth over the past few years. HAPILABS made a huge splash at CES with its HAPIfork, a …

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A Flock, A Fade & A Fork

One of the memes moving through Google+ today is #MonochromeMonday (curated by +Siddharth Pandit), from which I’ve collected today’s photos. Move your mouse cursor over each image to read the caption (if the photographer gave one). If you like what you see here be sure to visit the Google+ accounts of the sharers. It’ll be like a spa for your …

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