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Google+ Office Hours: Tabletop Forge Gets A Kickstarter

You may recall a Google+ Office Hours from a few weeks ago that introduced us to the amazing Tabletop Forge app. It used Google+ Hangouts as a new way to host traditional tabletop role-playing games across any distance. It was my favorite use of the Hangouts API, and now it’s becoming a reality. In the latest Google+ Office Hours, it …

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A Search Engine Marketing Challenge

A few search engine marketers have come together to present the SEM Challenge, which is described as a project for the search engine marketing community to use their online skills to make a real difference in the offline world.

The initiative is working with charity organization FORGE, which works with displaced communities in Africa. The challenge itself is to meet their budget gap of $100,000 through a pro-bono SEM campaign designed to increase awareness and donations.

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