Foreclosure Articles

Mischa Barton’s Home In Foreclosure, Career In Decline

Once a bright, young star on one of the hottest TV series of the 2000s, actor Mischa Barton has seen a big decline in her career. The 28-year-old former star of The O.C. is now facing impending foreclosure of her …

Ace Frehley Home Destroyed By Fire
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Early on Saturday, New York firefighters were called out to a suburban home going up in flames. When the smoke cleared, it turned out that the heavily damaged property belonged to celebrity rocker, Ace Frehley. At about 11 AM, firefighters …

Daunte Culpepper Loses Home In Foreclosure
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In March 2013, the South Florida Business Journal reported that former NFL quarterback, Daunte Culpepper, was facing foreclosure of his and his wife’s home, in Broward County, Florida. It was reported that the Sun Trust Bank filled a foreclosure lawsuit …

Todd Talbot Will Auction $127,300 Arizona Home For A Penny

Todd Talbot’s recently foreclosed home in Glendale, Arizona was appraised for $127,300 in 2010. Those were the days. Today, people are selling their homes anyway they can and using the latest technology to do so. There are people selling their …

Real Estate Sites Drawing Traffic Due To Foreclosures
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Real estate Web sites are featuring a growing number of homes that are in pre-foreclosure and foreclosure.

In March, Yahoo Real Estate launched a site focused on foreclosures with Realty Trac broadening the reach of information to nearly 500 million global users. "The goal for you as a buyer is to purchase a property at least 20 percent below full market value, although better deals are often possible," reads Yahoo’s site.