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Forbes Assaults Blogosphere

In “Attack of the Blogs,” Forbes raises issues of accountability and ethics in blogs, and cites Yahoo and Google as willing accomplices to a slavering mob.

Bloggers Up In Arms About Forbes Cover

What do I think? We are being played. What’s a better way to remind the online world you exist? Attack.

Forbes Calls Bloggers Lynch Mobs

Earlier tonight I was on a four-minute segment on CNBC that largely focused on Forbes’ new cover story …

Forbes Money List: Microsofties, Googlers, Yahoos

The annual Forbes 400 lists have been published, and some familiar names in the world of search and technology show up there.

Yahoo And Google Almost Tied In Customer Satisfaction

There are many ways to measure the effectiveness of web property, especially sites with such broad reaches that their name recognition is almost second nature.

Qwest Still Putting Up a Fight in Ongoing MCI Bid War

Qwest Communications has once again decided to increase its offer in the ongoing battle with Verizon for MCI.

Mentor Application Gets FDA Advisory Panel Approval

Mentor’s application to sell silicone-gel breast implants was approved by an FDA advisory panel.

Oil Drops Over $1 On Report of Rising Supplies

Oil prices fell over $1 a barrel today after data showed evidence of rising supplies in the U.S.

Yellow Roadway Optimistic About USF Acquisition

Yellow Roadway remains confident that the acquisition of USF Corporation will provide significant value for shareholders of both companies.

Oil Eases After Hitting Record Highs

After going up to record of over $58 a barrel, oil prices have gone back down with production being able to meet demand.

Oil Continues to Climb

With OPEC to discuss a second increase in output, oil prices have jumped to over $58 a barrel.

Crop Disease To Lead to Less Soybean Growth

The number of soybeans grown this year by farmers will be lower due to an Asian rust disease.

Oil Prices Rise Again

Oil prices went back up even though an increase in inventories was announced, and OPEC said that there was no supply problem.

Delta CreditWatch Rating Gets Revised

Standard and Poor’s revised Delta Air Lines’ CreditWatch rating outlook to “developing” from “positive”.

Northwest Ordered To Buy Back Stock

Northwest Airlines was ordered by a New York jduge to buy back $226 million in stock from its employees.

2-For-1 Split For Pixar

Pixar’s Board of Directors has approved a two-for-one split of the company’s common stock and a proportional increase in the number of Pixar common shares authorized from 100 million to 200 million.

Oil Prices At Record Highs

Oil prices reached a record $57.50 a barrel with traders worried taht that OPEC’s production increase won’t live up to demand.

Shares Rise After Statement from Swiss and Lufthansa

Swiss International Air Lines shares went up after a possible takeover by Lufthansa was announced.

New Canadian Billionaire Makes Forbes List

Alex Shnaider who is worth about $1.4 billion has made Forbes magazine’s list of world billionaires.

Samsung’s New Wireless Devices

Samsung has developed a 7-megapixel camera phone and will show it at the Cebit show in Hanover, Germany.

Oil Prices Fall With the Temperature

Oil prices went down but stayed around $51 a barrel with cold weather in the U.S. increasing heating oil consumption.