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British Airways to Offer Google Earth Vacation Views

In attempt to lure more people to book their next flight with British Airways, the airline has added Google Earth imagery to their web site, reports Forbes.

Forbes Pulls a Stupid; Bloghers Electra-fied

The first rule of Write Club is: do not anger the feminists. The second rule is: do not anger the blogosphere. And if you’re stupid enough to anger the feminists bloggers, be prepared for the beating of your life. A little evidence to back up what you’ve suspected for a long time should be saved for the poker game, not for Forbes readers.

Eurekster Sweeps Up Forbes Deal

The financial and business news site will implement Eurekster’s SwickiPublisher platform as Forbes dips a toe into social media.

Forbes Magazine Publisher Anti Network Neutrality

I don’t agree with his position, but Steve Forbes makes some good points against Network Neutrality on PodTech.net today. Catherine Girardeau (who’ll be my coworker at PodTech starting on July 6) did an awesome job interviewing Steve.

Forbes on Mashups
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What do Rachel Rosmarin and myself have in common? Well, she writes for industry-leading Forbes Magazine and I write/manage GISuser… big deal eh? [just kiddin around!]

Straight Up Site of Interest – Net Neutrality

For the newcomers out there, our monthly Straight Up Site of Interest post is designed to spotlight websites/services that thrive upon forward-thinking internet technologies.

Cashing in on Online Maps

Forbes magazine has taken a look at who’s cashing in on online mapping services (mashups).

Forbes Holding Exit Door For McNealy

Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy could be at a point where his work with Sun is complete, which makes one analyst believe the outspoken executive may depart the company.

Verizon All Bark and No Bite With Google

Never has “all bark and no bite” been more appropriate than news that, just days after Verizon seemingly challenged Google’s free ride of phone companies’ infrastructure, the telecom giant is backing down.

Below The Belt?

Okay, now Valleywag is making some not-so-veiled accusations about Eric Schmidt. Are they hinting at what I think they’re hinting at?

Google Report Card

Forbes gives Google grades on each of its courses, er services.

Forbes Continues Its Blog Credibility Issues
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Forbes magazine has long been seen as a major player in covering the world of business and finance. Their reporting is generally credible with excellent insight. Blogging as a communications tool continues to grow in the business world but for some reason, Forbes just can’t seem to get it right.

Forbes on Vertical Search Engines

Forbes takes a look at the growing trend of vertical search engines. Oodle, Jobster, and LookSmart are among the many featured in the story.

SunRocket Giving Bloggers a Bad Name

How many of you were offended with the Forbes article that labelled bloggers as an “online lynch mob spouting liberty but spewing lies, libel and invective.”

Clueless BrandWeek Magazine

Are blogs a waste of your time and that of your business or clients?

Doesn’t PR Include Public?

A nice A-list circular post about how Audible has missed the target on it’s Podcast announcement, and what the PR should be.

Financial Times Does a Forbes on Blogs

Oh dear. The Financial Times nearly “did a Forbes” with a feature story on Friday about blogs and business.

Bullish on Blogs

Former Forbes writer Michael S. Malone: “Let me make a prediction. Five years from now …

Forbes’ Daniel Lyons Backs Off a Bit on Blogs

Sam Whitmore has snagged a podcast interview with Daniel Lyons, the author of Forbes’ controversial cover story on blogs.

Bloggers Form Lynch Mobs, Prove Forbes Right

When I was younger, I loved the cheesy “When Animals Attack!” television shows that were the standard fare on FOX.

Steve Forbes Defends Blogging In Podcast

An interesting follow-up to the Forbes shallow journalism story (my unrepentant description) yesterday which described how the magazine portrayed blogs and bloggers as the source of all evil.