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Will Google Glass Interfere With Facebook’s Plans?

Forbes has a report on Google Glass comparing it to Instagram and the new Facebook Camera app for iOS. The report argues that Glass will be standing in the way of Facebook’s maneuvering for a larger mobile presence. These sorts of predictions might be a little hasty, for two reasons. First, Facebook has not yet been able to get a …

Read More CEO Thinks Publishers are Killing Web Ad Potential

Jim Spanfeller, President and CEO of, who also happens to be treasurer of the Online Publishers Association and Chairman Emeritus of the Interactive Advertising Bureau spoke his mind on the state of the online advertising industry in a guest post at

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Does Web 2.0 Signal A Political Shift?

All philosophies are prisons. That statement in itself is a philosophy and an irony. I bring it up only because Rich Karlgaard did on his blog, relating how (by mostly guessing) that the seemingly oxymoronic "left-libertarian" is making headway in Silicon Valley, and therefore in society.

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Yahoo Signs Big Ad And Search Deals

Yahoo’s been busy lately – in addition to announcing its third quarter financial results, the company has sealed deals with,, Ziff Davis Media, and WebMD.

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