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Ruthless Alarm Clock Won’t Let You Snooze

I’ve never been a morning person, and I suspect I never will be. In high school I tended sleep through my alarm clock’s buzzing, so at night before bed I began to devise tortures for sleepy morning-me. I would set the clock ahead to scare myself into thinking I was late. That progressed until my clock was set hours into …

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Chocolate Printer Now Available For Purchase

Although they just missed Easter, a UK company called Choc Edge is now selling the world’s only commercial chocolate printer. The idea behind the printer is similar to that of a MakerBot, but instead of plastics, the “Choc Creator Version 1″ extrudes chocolate. Choc Edge, on its website, bills the Choc Creator as a “simple, yet versatile desktop 3D chocolate …

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Portal 2 Theme Song Played in Second Laser Etching

Last week I reported on YouTube user chjade84’s video of a laser etching the Aperture Science logo into stainless steel while also playing “Still Alive” from the Portal soundtrack. This week, YouTube user PhotoMachining has created a sequel, this time playing Jonathan Coulton’s Portal 2 theme song ‘Want You Gone.” It starts out a bit static-y, but a few quick …

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Amazing Robot Can Jump 30 Feet High

Boston Dynamics yesterday posted a video to their YouTube page showing off their “Sand Flea Jumping Robot. The robot appears to be a normal RC car except for one thing: it can pop itself 30 feet into the air to scale obstacles in its path. The video, as seen below, shows the robot leap to the roof of a small …

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Cadbury Creme Eggs Blow Up, Catch Fire, and Shatter

The chemists over at The Periodic Table of Videos have prepared for Easter by doing a few experiments on a holiday staple: the Cabury Creme Egg. In the video, the chemists explode Cadbury Creme Eggs in a vacuum, set a creme egg on fire using potassium chlorate, and shatter a creme egg that is frozen with liquid nitrogen. In-between all …

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