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Budweiser Wants You to Drink Out of a Bowtie-Shaped Can

Budweiser is looking to celebrate its iconic logo with a new can design this Spring. The Anheuser-Busch brand will unveil a new bowtie-shaped can on May 6th. The can, will be a few drop short of the full 12-ounce can you’re used to – clocking in at 11.3 ounces. With the fewer ounces of beer comes fewer calories per can …

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This Coke Machine May Give You Much More Than A Beverage

From time to time, Coca-Cola will set up what it calls a Coca-Cola Happiness Machine. Basically, it’s a Coke machine that gives away prizes. The company has taken to social media to promote the machine and drum up interest in Coke (as if that’s lacking), posting about it on Twitter and YouTube. Follow @WorldofCocaCola (image) World of Coca-Cola @WorldofCocaCola @CocaCola …

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