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Keep Your Fonts Crispy

I am a woman of plus size and was very interested in viewing your site as I have an interest in your product. I am using Internet Explorer 5.0, 800 X 600, my screen is about 13″.

Making Chic Fonts

Overall I like the design and layout and I think it works well. The colors give it a very classy look and suggests a high-quality product. The product page seems very intuitive and I am a big fan of the “We also recommend..” cross-sell approach. I think this sets the stage for a functional shopping cart, which maximizes impulse puchasing trends. I think this a great design. It is easy to use and again, very intuitive.

Fonts: Choosing Wisely

Choosing a font is something that most of us give little thought to. After all, most fonts are more or less the same, right? Let’s face it, most writing is presented in a stock-standard font like Times New Roman or Arial.

Web-Safe Fonts for Your Site

Choosing the right typeface for your website copy is important, since it will affect the way your readers perceive your page (serious and formal, or friendly and casual). Aside from this, there are also important usability concerns. For example, some font types are more easily readable than others, and some are more widely available.

Polished Presentations

Do you spend money on a product if the presentation looks unprofessional? Case in point: As my husband and I approached a small family restaurant, I spotted two hand-scrawled signs in the window: Help Wanted. Cook Wanted.

Web Design Mistakes – Text and Fonts

The main purpose people use the Internet is for research, according to most user surveys. While not specifying the kind of research being done, it is safe to assume that people are spending a lot of time online reading.

New Generation Web Design Annoyances

Web is a constantly changing medium, so does web design. Designers like to experiment from time to time. Some of the results may be attractive, but do they really add to the overall value of a design, or are they there just to decrease usability? I believe the latter is true for the following five design decisions.

Robin Nobles Answers SEO Questions
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Robin will answer any questions related to the search engine marketing industry. If the question is highly technical, or if she doesn’t know the answer, she’ll contact experts in the industry or search engine representatives for the answers.

Optimizing Fonts

Dear Robin,

I have read that the only font that search engines are capable of reading are the fonts used by browsers. That if you use a custom font, such as Bookman, that it will be not be able to spider your site. I, prior to reading this, changed my font from the browser font to Bookman. I am concerned now that it will affect my ranking. If it is true, is there a way to get around this and still use the custom font?

7 Tips to Avoid Font Conflicts

Among the many things that have changed in design, the instant gratification of adding a new font to my system is among my favorites. Gone are the days when type was selected from a book and an order placed with a typesetter. Now, computer users are able, and required, to download, install, and maintain hundreds of fonts. Problems arise when different users – clients, designers, printers, and colleagues – share files. Each user must have the same fonts (and version) to ensure that the file will be displayed and reproduced properly.