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Google Rivals Launch ‘Focus On The User’ Site

Another group of Google rival companies (separate from FairSearch) has sprung up with a new site aimed at shaping the EU opinion on Google’s business practices when it comes to competition. The site is called “Focus on the User,” and the companies/organizations involved are: Yelp, Consumer Watchdog, Jameda, HolidayCheck, TripAdvisor, and Fight for the Future. Here’s an excerpt from the …

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Focus On The User: Facebook, Twitter & Myspace’s Version Of Google

Facebook Director of Product Blake Ross has created a bookmarklet that people can add to their web browsers to take the “Search Plus Your World” out of their Google search results. Granted, Google has its own toggle to turn the feature on and off from the search results page, but this goes further. First, here’s a video about it: On …

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