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Impending Bat Flu Hysteria Possible
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Scientists have recently confirmed finding genetic fragments of the flu virus in bats, according to the CDC. The research was posted online Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The flu is common in humans, birds …

Google Renews Flu Prevention Efforts

Don’t wait until you’re sick to search for terms like "flu" and "flu shot" this winter.  By adding a few tips and a flu shot finder to its results page, Google’s taken special steps to help ensure that people who search for the words won’t get sick in the first place.

The tips, which you can read for yourself below, consist of simple, common-knowledge stuff.  Still, their prominent placement could help drill them into people’s heads, and the link to Flu.gov may also come in handy.

AMA Launches Website Focused On Flu Symptoms
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There are a number of online resources available about the flu and the H1N1 virus and the list keeps growing with the American Medical Association launching AMAfluhelp.org.

The website asks users a series of questions to determine how serious their flu symptoms are based on the latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. Users have the option to share their information with their doctor, as well as family members.

Government Adds New Features To Flu Website
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Health & Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has introduced new features to the government’s flu website in an effort to better educate the public.

Google Spreads Flu Trends Around the World

The flu is a hot topic right now, unfortunately. A lot of people have it, have had it recently, or will get it soon. Flu shots are all over the news – Who gets them first? How many are available? Should you even get one? These are all questions circulating through the news media.

Microsoft Launches H1N1 Flu Website

Microsoft has launched a new website, "H1N1 Response Center," which provides people with up to date relevant content and allows them to monitor symptoms and get advice using an H1N1 self-service tool.

The H1N1 Response Center’s self-assessment tool is licensed from medical and public health experts at Emory University. The service helps people determine if their symptoms could be caused by the H1N1 flu virus and provides recommendations about what they can do next.


Swine Flu Shows Changes In SEO

 By now, you have probably heard that the Swine 

Computer Analysis Slow To Pick Up Swine Flu Search Trends


Short Term Blogging – The Complete Guide

One of the most challenging aspects of blogging that hold many companies and individuals back from jumping into starting their own blog is the ongoing commitment that blogs often require. 

Blogging To Save World From Flu Pandemic

Just because the bird flu has flown away from the headlines doesn’t mean it is gone for good. Participants in a blog summit run by the US Department of Health and Human Services will try to address the issues surrounding a potential outbreak.

Tracking Bird Flu with Google

News from a Reuters article mention that poultry experts are turning to google to track and manage the spread of the bird flu.

Google Takes On Bird Flu

The world’s largest Internet search company has joined the defenses arranged against bird flu. In combination with Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, Google Earth is helping to locate commercial poultry flocks, as well as the buildings, schools, and roads close to the farms and production facilities.

MapQuest Opens Up To Developers

AOL’s MapQuest announced this week the beta release of mapping and routing technology available for free to Web developers. Called MapQuest OpenAPI, interested developers can win $1000 for their creative mapping efforts and a trip to the Where 2.0 Conference in San Jose.

Bird Flu Web-Tracking Is On The Money

A bird flu in the hand is worth two in the bush and if money grew on trees, then you may expect to find two birds there too, allowing scientist to track money and birds and thereby killing two birds with one stone. Let me explain. No, don’t. Let me start over.

Google Earth Is For The Birds (Flu)

Texan Lynda LeCompte has created an avian flu outbreak add-on for Google Earth mapping out confirmed cases of the bird virus worldwide, contributing to the rash of Google Earth/Maps mash-ups. Get it? Rashoutbreak

AAFA Launches Online Flu Shot Finder

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) has set up an online service called, “Flu Shot Finder,” allowing visitors to enter a zip code into a search bar to find the flu shot nearest their homes.

Migratory Geese Goosed By Bird Flu

An outbreak of H5N1 virus (bird flu) in western China among migratory birds has sounded alarms worldwide fueling the fear that the virus is about to go global.

Ending Bird Flu 10 Years and $100 Million Away

The United Nations announced that eradicating the scourge of Asian bird flu would take time and money. While time is already granted, the $100 million it will require is not.

Bird Flu Might Be Spread From Human To Human

The threat of avian influenza, also known as “Bird Flu” has been taken up a notch. The World Health Organization (WHO) announced that the flu could be contagious.

Candian Company Fights U.S. Flu

The Food and Drug Administration approved ID Biomedical of Canada to begin their Fluviral flu vaccine for the U.S.