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Some Of Sony’s Best PS3 Games Are Coming To The PS4

Over the life of the PS3, Sony’s own studios have created a lot of great digital content for the system. Developers like thatgamecompany in particular have made Sony’s console the place to get highly original games that could be classified as works of art. Now those games and some others will be making their way to Sony’s new console. Sony …

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Journey Travels To Retail With Some Friends

Journey is one of the most compelling and wonderful experiences you can have on the PlayStation 3. It was the culmination of all the ideas thatgamecompany has tinkered with on prior projects like flOw and Flower. It set all kinds of records when it hit the PSN back in March, but now it’s time to make one last journey to …

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Journey Release Date Announced For March 13

One of the most anticipated games on the PlayStation Network finally has a release date. Journey, thatgamecompany’s beautiful desert exploration game, has been announced to launch on March 13. Journey will cost an affordable $14.99. You may know thatgamecompany for their previous games, flower and flow. Both games are considered to be some of the most beautiful games on the …

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