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Miami Shooting: Police Blame Lack Of Man Power

A tragic shooting occurred early Tuesday morning in a Miami neighborhood. Reports indicate that the incident took place in Liberty City around 2:30 am, resulting in two confirmed deaths. Multiple persons were seriously wounded in what authorities are describing as a “gangland-style shooting”. The two murder victims have not been identified by name but include a teenage girl and a …

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Angela Corey Plans To Re-Try Dunn

The jury in the Michael Dunn case announced on Saturday evening that they could not reach a unanimous decision regarding the count of first degree murder. A mistrial was declared on that count, with the option for Florida prosecutor Angela Corey to retry Dunn at a later date. Corey didn’t miss a beat, announcing that she fully intends to retry …

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Michael Dunn Verdict: Encouraging Or Terrifying?

On Saturday evening at about 7:00 pm a Florida jury managed to find Michael Dunn guilty of four charges in relation to the death of Jordan Davis. The case was dubbed the “loud music trial” as the altercation started because Dunn had a problem with the music blasting from a car that Davis was in. Words were exchanged and the …

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Palm Bay Shooting May Have Been Self-Defense

There have been no arrests made in the matter the Eastern Florida State College shooting that occurred in Palm Bay, Florida on Thursday. The trigger was pulled by 24-year-old Landrick Hamilton, a student at EFSC, who was allegedly minding his own business and sitting in his car when another car pulled up next to him. In the other car were …

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Jennifer Lopez: Gunshots Crash Video Set

Jennifer Lopez endured a scare in Fort Lauderdale on Sunday when gunshots rang out near the set of her new music video with rapper Pitbull. Adding to the drama was the fact that Lopez was actually in the middle of being interviewed when the shots were fired. Rob Marciano, co-host of “Entertainment Tonight”, tweeted about the incident live. BREAKING:Gunshots fired …

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