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‘Brady Bunch’ Featured in Snickers Super Bowl Ad

Members of The Brady Bunch appear in a Super Bowl ad sponsored by Snickers. Florence Henderson and the late Robert Reed as Mike and Carol Brady appear at the start of the ad, in a conversation with their teenage daughter Marcia–played by Maureen McCormick–but initially in the form of Danny Trejo. The Hollywood Reporter says Snickers teased the ad last …

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Ann B. Davis: Beloved ‘Brady Bunch’ Star Dies at 88

Generations of Brady Bunch fans are mourning Sunday’s death of Ann B. Davis, who played devoted housekeeper Alice on the early ’70s television sitcom. Davis, who won two Emmy awards for her role as secretary Schultzy on The Bob Cummings Show, fell in the bathroom and hit her head on Saturday morning, said close friend Bishop William Frey to CNN. …

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‘The Brady Bunch:’ Fans Mourn Ann B. Davis’s Passing

The Brady Bunch was a beloved TV hit from 1969 to 1974 and even today fans still recall lines from the iconic series. Those same fans are no doubt among those mourning the passing of Ann B. Davis whose role as the quirky but lovable housekeeper Alice Nelson was a staple in the Brady household. Davis died on Sunday at …

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