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Flickr Adds Nofollow Tags
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Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you can expect to see fewer links throughout Flickr.  The photo-sharing site recently added nofollow tags to most external links, making them pointless as part of an SEO strategy.

Flickr Fans Protest MSFT’s Acquisition Attempt
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Bashing Yahoo has become one of the easiest activities in the world.  Flickr is still loved, however, and may, in fact, be one of the few things standing between Microsoft and its acquisition of Yahoo.

Microsoft Could Be Better for Flickr

Boing Boing is out with a post this morning, "Some Flickr users wary of a MSFT takeover."

Thomas Hawk Flickr Image Highlighted in Yahoo Search

Flickr, Library Of Congress Launch “The Commons”

Every so often, we get to write about Google teaming up with some important entity (such as Columbia University or the U.N.).  Yet now it’s (sort of) Yahoo’s turn, as Flickr has partnered with the Library of Congress.

Flickr Showcases Best Of 2007

Outside WebProNews’s home office, it’s semi-cloudy, a bit damp, and somewhere in the 40s.  So if, like us, you’d prefer a nicer scene to look at, consider dropping in on Flickr’s Best of 2007 events.

Fox Nabs Santa Pug From Flickr
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Television networks and sports leagues are pretty vigilant about protecting their content, and have gotten fairly nasty about it lately, especially in relation to the Internet. That righteous indignation doesn’t always go both ways, though, as these same entities can be lax when it comes to use of other people’s content.

PubCon – Day 2 Pics

Alrighty then. I’ve added photos to Flickr from day two of PubCon. Here are a sample.

PubCon Pics – Day One

PubCon is great excuse to test out my new digital SLR camera. Here are a few photos from my Flickr account–there are 70+ photos in total from day one.

Flickr-Picnik Partnership Bears Fruit

As any thermometer will tell you, it’s December, and just in time for everybody’s holiday pictures, Flickr and Picnik have unveiled a new photo-editing application.

Gap Partners With Yahoo For Holiday Campaign
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Gap has partnered with Yahoo for its new online ad campaign at gaptidings.yahoo.com. The site lets users upload and post their own video holiday greetings along with viewing videos from other users.

Great Idea for an Event Organizer

What a great idea for an event organizer… I’ve often wondered why event planners don’t come out with "official" tags for people to tag entries on blogs, photos on flickr, videos on youtube etc… (many people, including yours truly post photos and create our own tags) but here’s a cool idea that I never thought of.. what about networking groups on LinkedIn, facebook and others?

That’s exactly what Nokia is doing for their Nokia World event… attendees can coonect by being accepted into these special groups… nice idea!

Google Image Search Gets Closer To Picasa
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On Picasa’s homepage, a slogan proclaims, “Fast and easy photo sharing from Google.”  The exchange now seems to work in the other direction, as well, since Picasa results have been integrated into Google Image Search.

New Flickr Features To Launch Today

Exactly one month ago, we wrote about two upcoming improvements to Flickr.  Both features relate to geotagging, and according to a fresh email from a company spokesperson, “[b]oth features will go live mid-day today Pacific Time.”

Two Billionth Photo Finds Its Way To Flickr

Some people have their bookshelves lined with photo album upon photo album, and I find that quite impressive.  Flickr’s got ‘em beat, though, as the photo-sharing site recently received its two billionth upload.

Microsoft Blows Lid Off Flickr Competitor

When you put something on the Web, people will see it.  Microsoft may not have realized this, though – or may not have realized that bloggers and reporters would be among those people, anyway – when it advertised a position related to a previously unannounced product.

Microsoft Building Photo Sharing Service

I was tipped off to an interesting job posting by Microsoft posted on Friday regarding upcoming efforts to create a photo sharing service that will compete with Flickr, Smugmug and other internet based photo sharing sites.

Sears Taps Yahoo For Holiday Campaign

Sears has launched an integrated marketing campaign around the return of the holiday Wish Book.

Yahoo FireEagle To Enable Geolocation

Fights over the search market are far from over, but companies appear to have picked out the mobile market as their next battleground.  And with a service known as FireEagle, Yahoo might well gain an early advantage on this front.

Making Yahoo Visible
If you think of Yahoo, what springs to mind?

Yahoo Shuts Down 360

Yahoo has announced it is shutting down Yahoo 360, its never-popular social networking service. 360, which launched on March 29, 2005 (apparently the last time I was ever hopeful about Yahoo), never caught on the way Microsoft’s Spaces did, having a less-appealing interface, and bad decision to start as invite-only, and a lack of promotion and integration from its host company.

Google Used To Track California Fires

Google’s products and services can’t don fire gear or grab a water hose.  But people are still using them in ways that will hopefully reduce the impact of the California fires.

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