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AMOLED Tech To Expand in the TV Market

If this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) taught consumers anything, it’s that TV manufacturers will be leaning hard on Ultra HD to sell TVs in the coming years. Already component manufacturers are gearing up this year to make over 500% more Ultra HD panels than they did in 2013. As the TV market moves toward Ultra HD, manufacturers will be …

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CES 2014: LG and Samsung Show Off Flexible OLED TVs

With 3D TV all but abandoned and ultra HD set to take off this year, manufacturers have turned to the odd to impress attendees at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Both LG and Samsung this week are showing off flexible OLED TVs at their CES booths. Why exactly consumers would want such technology is unclear, but the technology does …

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Curved LG Smartphone Could be Coming in November

The technology to create curved displays for smartphone has been around for years now, displayed prominently at CES every year. Despite this, manufacturers haven’t yet found an appropriate use for the technology in their smartphones. Expensive curved TV sets have made their debut, and flexible displays are likely to improve as they are used in smart watches and other wearable …

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Flexible Displays to Get Their Start in Smart Watches

Flexible displays have been around for years now. Every CES the technology is previewed, with manufacturers promising that new smartphones will implement the technology. Even Apple has been rumored to be testing out flexible OLED displays for its devices. That hasn’t happened, though. Displays in new smartphones are as rigid as ever. However, the new focus on smart watches might …

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Touch Panel Makers Look For Growth in Low-Cost Devices

Touch panel makers are raking in ever more revenue from larger, higher-resolution top-tier smartphones like the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4. Even so, the saturation of the high-end smartphone market in the west means that manufacturers are now looking to mid- and low-priced devices in developing nations for industry growth. Touch panel manufacturers will have to follow suit to stay …

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