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1TB Flash Drive Unveiled At CES 2013 As 512GB Version Ships

As previously reported, Kingston announced that it will launch a 1TB flash drive this year. It’s called the DataTraveler HyperX Predator 3.0. A 512GB version is already shipping, and the 1TB version will be available at an unspecified date later in 2013. The company says it’s the largest capacity USB 3.0 Flash drive in the world, and it’s also the …

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CES 2013: Kingston Somehow Fits 1TB Onto A Flash Drive

You probably have a flash drive – everybody does. It’s likely an 8 or 16GB flash drive for the storage of documents, maybe a few videos and other odds and ends. Kingston, one of the major players in the flash drive business, thinks it’s about time the flash drive starts holding more data – a lot more. Kingston announced at …

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This Bud’s For You: Adventures in USB Flash Drives

This folks, is what’s known as “The Genuine Article.” Yes, what you are looking at is, in fact, a Budweiser beer-themed USB drive capable of holding a six-pack’s worth 4 gigabytes worth of data. As pointed out by Geek Alerts, the drive in question is conveniently called the “Budweiser USB Drive with Actual Beer,” at least by the blog pointing …

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