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Savannah Fire: Black Smoke Invades the City Sky

A stream of smoke has caused a possible health hazard for Savannah, GA residents living near a warehouse that caught on fire over the weekend. Savannah firefighters, the Air National Guard, and the Coast Guard have been working hard to put out a blaze that started at Ocean Terminal’s warehouse No. 3 on Saturday. Around 11 a.m., a warehouse filled with tire and rubber went up …

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Sochi Flame Lit In Ancient Olympia

The 2014 Winter Olympic Games are already turning out to be historically monumental. The location itself has proven to hold historical significance. It is fitting that the flame for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics has been lit in the location where the Games originally began. The torch was lit in Ancient Olympia and will reach the Russian city of Sochi …

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Iran Blocks Google As It Readies National Internet

It’s been known for a while now that Iran was planning on launching a national private Internet. It would be a private network that keeps citizens’ access to the outside world at a bare minimum while blocking incoming connections. The country took its first step towards a national Internet today by blocking Google’s search engine and Gmail. Reuters is reporting …

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Stuxnet Debate Continues: How Should Cyberweapons Be Used?

When the revealing news regarding the Stuxnet computer worm came out, much controversy pursued as a result. David Sanger of the New York Times exposed the information as part of the much larger U.S. “Olympic Games” initiative and has now even written a book on it. Since that time, information regarding another form of malware called Flame has also been …

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Israel, U.S. Team Up To Create Flame Computer Virus

Back in the mid-2000’s The need to start to keep Iran’s nuclear goals in check was obvious. So the United States, led by George Bush, and Israel started to develop a massive piece of malware that secretly mapped and monitored Iran’s computer networks, sending back a steady stream of intelligence to prepare for a cyber­warfare campaign. This virus, called Flame, …

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