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Robert Redford Talks Government Shutdown

What do you call a person who uses belligerent language and demagogy to demonize and stigmatize the opposition while contributing zero ideas to solve the tsunami of American debt? What do you call a person who lectures the 99% to cough up more of their hard earned money to finance the parasites in Washington DC, while sitting on a cool …

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Social Security Increase Lowest in Decades as Inflation Ravages US Dollar

Millions of Social Security recipients and disabled veterans will receive the smallest benefits increase since 1975, when automatic increases were adopted to offer a shield against price inflation, according to an analysis by The Associated Press. The benefits will increase by roughly 1.5 percent, against price inflation of almost 10%, when measured using more forthright methods employed by the Federal …

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Paul Ryan: Possible Dealstriker on Fiscal Crisis

Paul Ryan is stepping up to the proverbial plate in negotiations within the troubled government on the two impending crises in our great nation, according to Fox News. He is proposing a plan to increase federal debt that is tied largely to simplifying the tax code, to make enough changes to Medicare to offset cuts to domestic spending and defense …

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Republican Party Attempts to Talk Money Instead of Obamacare

The government shutdown has been in the headlines ever since its start, and the ridiculousness that is the Republican party has wasted no time in making even more of a scene out of the whole ordeal. The Republican representatives have made no small show of their outrage over the Affordable Care Act, or, as they have so infamously dubbed it, …

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Jack Lew: US Treasury Secretary Threatens America with Debt Ceiling

In a brazen attempt to raise the already exploding US public debt, U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew warned Congress on Wednesday that the government will spend all its borrowed cash by October 17th, and demanded trillions in new money to keep financing Washington DC’s insatiable appetite for debt. “The debt limit impasse that took place in 2011 caused significant harm …

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