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Michael Muhney Fired After Groping Soap Actress

Soap operas have always been notorious for re-casting characters seemingly out of nowhere. But since the television niche is filled with a sea of actors who wish to stay in the genre, actors from tend to leap from show to show and character to character. Later, the actor might to the show to step back into the role or as …

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Fired: Radio Hosts Made Fun of Athlete With ALS

Modern sports radio often walks a fine line between opinionated and offensive. Three radio sports talk hosts who crossed that line this week have been fired after airing a skit that made light of a former NFL player with Lou Gehrig’s Disease. The hosts of Atlants 790 The Zone’s sports talk show Mayhem in the AM were fired after making …

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Teacher Fired Over Bikini Photo to Attend Graduation

Teachers across the U.S. have been fired for a variety of reasons, but modeling is not usually one of them. This week, 26-year-old Olivia Sprauer told the Huffington Post that she was fired for her modeling bikini pics. She stated that she was called into the principal’s office on April 29, was shown one of her modeling photos, and was …

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