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Netflix Releases ‘Fireplace For Your Home’ Trailer (Another Chromecast Yule Log Option)

As previously reported, Google has launched a new YouTube video fireplace for Chromecast users. Netflix has actually had fireplace video content since 2010, and with Chromecast support, users of Google’s streaming device will have another option. Netflix has now released a trailer for “Fireplace For Your Home” making it sound like the best option yet with a 3.8-star rating and …

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Time Warner’s Yule Log Is Back, But Has Some Chromecast Competition This Year

On Friday, we told you about Google’s YouTube Fireplace for Chromecast. It’s essentially an hour-long video of a fireplace burning with a dog sitting in a chair. Simple, but people seem to like it. Well, if you’re a Time Warner subscriber, you’ll have a cable alternative to Google’s fireplace with the Time Warner Yule Log. It’s been offered in the …

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Google Gives Chromecast Users A Fireplace For The Holidays

‘Tis the season. Google has introduced the YouTube Fireplace for Chromecast, which it calls “the easiest way to get the fire going this holiday season.” Yep, it’s just an hour-long video of a fire burning in a fireplace. There’s also a dog sitting in a chair. Seeing how this is just a YouTube video, something tells me you don’t really …

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