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Firefox For Android Will Come Preinstalled On Kobo Arc Tablets

When you buy an Android smartphone today, you really only have one option of browser right out of the box – the vanilla Android browser. Sure, you can download other browsers off of Google Play, but why do that when you have a perfectly good browser already preinstalled on your device. Well, Mozilla is tired of you ignoring Firefox on …

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Firefox 21 Out Now On Desktop And Mobile

Firefox 20 was a pretty big release for the Web browser. It added a new download messenger and per-window private browsing, both of which are pretty substantial additions. Firefox 21 isn’t quite as grandiose, but it does add a number of great new features for the Mozilla faithful. Firefox 21 has two big features – a social API that supports …

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Firefox 20 Adds New Download Manager, Per-Window Private Browsing

Firefox 19, which launched in the middle of February, shipped with a built-in PDF viewer. Its successor, Firefox 20, comes with something even better – an update to the browser’s outdated download manager. Firefox 20 launched today, and the updated browser comes with a new download manager that makes Firefox much more visually appealing. If you used any previous version …

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