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Firefox 5 Release Date Expected For June Firefox 5 Release Date Expected For June
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Firefox 5 is expected to be released on June 21. Last year, Google launched an initiative to crank out new versions of Chrome very quickly. Mozilla seems to be trying to keep up. It’s been speculated that Firefox users can …

Firefox 4 Downloads Surpass 50 Million Firefox 4 Downloads Surpass 50 Million
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The Firefox 4 web browser has proven to be a big hit for Mozilla. At the time of this writing, 52,204,769 people have downloaded Firefox 4. Europe has the highest number of users with 20,365,540. North America has 16,688,275, and …

Firefox 4 Review: Many Likes, Few Dislikes
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Disclaimer: I am already a usual Firefox user.  Internet Explorer and I had a nasty divorce a few years ago, and despite people telling me how much better it has gotten, I still can’t convince myself to go back.  I’ve …

Firefox 4 Off To Strong Start
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Mozilla Firefox 4, has already grabbed 1.95 percent of the global Internet browser market since its launch yesterday, according to a new report from StatCounter. StatCounter said on the first day of its release Firefox 4 scored higher worldwide than …

Firefox 4 Official Release – Was It Worth The Wait?
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While Firefox 4 could be obtained yesterday, today marks the official release of the Firefox 4 (RC) download. For those who are keen towards browser advancements, these past couple of weeks must feel like heaven. We’ve taken a couple of …

Firefox 4 Available a Day Prior To Official Release
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Hot on the heels of the Internet Explorer 9 release, Firefox 4 is officially releasing tomorrow (March 22nd). However, for those who can’t wait another minute, the unofficial download is available. As with things of this nature, WebProNews doesn’t condone …