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Firefox 13 Releases A Day Before Official Launch

I’ve been playing around with the Firefox 13 beta for a while now hoping for the day that the official Firefox 13 release would be upon us. While the actual release is tomorrow, you can grab an early version right now. If you’ve been using the Firefox 13 beta for any time at all, most of the updates contained in …

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Mozilla Makes Firefox 13 Super Speedy

Firefox 13 is going to be pretty grand. I’ve been using the beta for a while now and it’s faster than the few previous versions that we’ve seen. What makes Firefox 13 the speediest release of the browser to date? A host of improvements thanks to Project Snappy. Lawrence Mandel, Firefox Engineering Program Manager, says that Firefox realized that the …

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Firefox 14 Features Hinted In Aurora 14 Release

We reported yesterday on the changes coming to Firefox that you can see for yourself in the Firefox 13 beta. It’s the first major change to Firefox in a while that adds loads of improvements including the long awaited new tab page. While a beta is a good look into the future, the Aurora build lets you see even further …

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Firefox 13 Beta Adds Some Long-Awaited Updates

We covered the recently released beta for Opera 12 last week and it was awesome. So many new upgrades and updates made it feel like an entirely new beast. Mozilla thought it time to give us a taste of Firefox 13 as well with the recently released beta adding some exciting new features for the Firefox faithful. The first big …

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