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Oklahoma Wildfire Kills One And Still Burning

A wildfire in Guthrie, OK that broke out on Sunday has displaced thousands and killed at least one. According to Guthrie Fire Department Chief Eric Harlow, the fire started on Sunday afternoon and within hours had destroyed between four and six square miles. Due to Monday’s high temperatures and strong winds, the fire continued to burn and is expected to …

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Cop Arrests Firefighter at Crash Site

On Tuesday evening, a California Highway Patrolman arrested a fire fighter. The cause? The firefighter was too busy tending to injured motorists at a crash site to move a fire engine on the cop’s orders. Okay, it was probably more complicated than that. Maybe the fire engine was blocking traffic. Maybe the motorist’s injuries weren’t too dire. Maybe the firefighter …

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Sam Springsteen, Bruce Springsteen’s Son, Becomes A Firefighter

Throughout his musical career, Bruce Springsteen has been known to sing about the working man, and the people who risk their lives for others. Although his son will not follow in his footsteps musically, he will make his father proud by pursuing a career that he has sung about in his songs. Years after recording his hit song “Into The …

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19 Firefighters Killed in Arizona

Nineteen firefighters have been killed battling wildfires in central Arizona near the town of Yarnell. All 19 were part of an elite “hot shot” crew, a group of firefighters who hike miles into the wilderness to clear vegetation and dig trenches to halt a wildfire’s advance. At a news conference Sunday, Prescott Fire Chief Don Fraijo confirmed that the crew …

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