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Money Following News Online

Google News had the news-aggregation space to itself for quite a while, but after MSN deployed its Newsbot and Topix.net launched, other efforts followed, and some have gathered a little venture capital for themselves.

Gotta Update Blogspot

Some people might find this interesting: According to Alexa, the contact person for all Blogger blogs is Pyra Labs Evan William.

Findory Marks 2nd Anniversary

The news aggregator with a heavy personalization edge has been around for two years, seeing significant growth in traffic and viewed hits each quarter.

Yahoo Music Doubles Cost

C|Net reports that Yahoo will be doubling the cost of its music subscription service in just over a week.

Google Tried To Patent RSS Ads

Take a look at this. On December 31, 2003, Google filed a patent for ads in syndicated, or RSS feeds.

39 New Google Datacenters

Darrin Ward at SEO Town posts a list of 39 new Google search pages, known in the SEO community as “datacenters”.

GoogleMaps as a Tool in a Job Hunt

Getting started is really simple. Enter one or more of these criteria: a position, a location, a few keywords describing the job you are looking for, one or more target companies, and press List Jobs’ to get the list of job openings matching your requirements or press Map Jobs’ to have them displayed on a map.

Findory Mentioned On Slashdot

I just thought it was cool that Findory, still the only news site I find worth visiting, got a cool mention on Slashdot.

Your Videos Coming To Google Today

John Battelle has the scoop: Google Video will finally get some video today, as user-uploaded free videos will be made available to the general public through an open source Google media player.

Judge Chastices Plaintiff For Not Using Google

InternetCases.com notes that in a recent case, the court chastised a plaintiff for not using Google.

Findory Adds Ads, Personalizing Google AdSense

Findory has done the impossible, personalizing Google ads to the user on its site, presenting surfers with mostly high relevance ads on all its pages. Greg Linden announces it.

Balancing Personalization

My post on Personalization and Socialization rustled a few feathers, as intended. Susan Mernit captured the key point: customized personalization– smart, self-adjusting, filtered system–limits discovery.

Findory.com Streamlines News Search

Working through the huge amount of news available online can be a daunting task. Findory.com agrees that the amount of news available is mountainous and has launched a site that addresses this issue.