Goodbye to Findory

Goodbye to Findory

By Nathan Weinberg October 16, 2007

I missed the news over my vacation that Greg Linden was shutting down Findory on November 1, just 15 days away.

Google Earth Goes To The Polls

Ionut. Alex reports that Google Earth now contains an information layer about the upcoming U.S. midterm elections.

Findory Dumps Google Ads For Amazon

Findory, the personalization startup that remains my favorite news source, has switched its ad system from Google AdSense to Amazon Associates.

Google Helps Release Open Source OCR

Google has teamed up with UNLV to release Hewlett Packard’s Tesseract OCR engine as an open source project.

Windows Vista Pre-RC1 Build Available Now

Microsoft has put up Windows Vista Build 5536, the pre-RC1 build, available for download. To install it, you’ll need a valid product key, like from Vista Beta 2.

Ringtone Spam In Google News

Jeremy Wagstaff found some really bad examples of spam in Google News.

Pirate? Microsoft Will Break Your Head In!

According the The Enquirer, Microsoft sent some resellers a nice little package to fight software piracy.

Amazon A9 / Alexa Using Windows Live

Alexa, the oft-used but never trusted web stats site has switched over its search engine from Google to Windows Live, proudly displaying the new “powered by Windows Live” logo on search results pages.

Why Worry About Google Wi-Fi?

Everytime Google offers a free service, there’s one guarantee: People will get paranoid.

Windows XP Hibernate Bug Solved!

Oh, thank god thank god thank god thank god!

BlogSpot Says No To MSN Search?

A BlogSpot blogger claims that he received an email from Google saying that the MSN Search box he had placed on his blog violated Blogger’s Terms Of Service.

Google Rewards Base Buyers

Looks like some of the pioneers who bought the first items available on Google Base got special gifts from Google for being first.

Microsoft Releases Add-Ons For Office 2003

Microsoft has released Microsoft Dynamics Snap, a collection of programs that “snap” into Microsoft Office 2003.

Feature Complete Vista Expected This Week

IDG says Microsoft will release a new Community Technology Preview of Windows Vista this week.

Beat Google At Tic Tac Toe, Feel Good For Once

Google’s latest Sidebar comes with a little game, just like every good operating system, in this case Tic Tac Toe.

Google Censorship Viewer

Want an easy way to view regular Google results side-by-side with censored Google China results?

4 Gigabyte Hard Drive For Xbox 360

What’s the point of this? A 4GB portable hard drive for the Xbox 360, selling for 74.99, about $133.