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Apple Removes Financial Times iPad, iPhone App

After refusing to comply with Apple’s new terms for in-app subscription payments, the Financial Times has seen both their iPhone and iPad apps pulled from the App Store. Apple had set a June 30th deadline for all apps to meet compliance, which was to allow purchases and third-party subscriptions outside of the App Store to be offered at a lower …

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Steve Jobs Named Financial Times Person of the Year

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg got a lot of press for being Time’s Person of the Year, but the Financial Times has someone else in mind. And no, it’s not Juilan Assange. 

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Security Firms Respond to “Google Dropping Windows” Report

Rumor has it that Google is not using Windows internally anymore, and security companies don’t necessarily find this to be a great solution if security is the concern. More than one has emailed WebProNews with reactions to this story.

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Will MicroPayments Work For The Financial Times?

Micropayments have worked for companies like iTunes and even for songs and television episodes. But could they be the solution to the newspaper industry’s pending demise?

The Financial Times is ready to find out. They currently use a hybrid paid-free model, where users can access up to 20 stories a month for free, but they’re looking to a pay-per-story or possibly subject or time period model.

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Eric Schmidt Discusses Numerous Hot Issues

The other day, Google CEO Eric Schmidt gave quite an inspirational speech at the University of Pennsylvania, in which he shared his interpretation of the meaning of life. He talked about technology and the importance of the organization of the world’s information – Google’s ultimate goal.

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Should Online Newspaper Content Be Free?

Shane RichmondShane Richmond writing at has an interesting piece up about whether or not online newspaper content should be free.

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