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Virgin Galactic Accepting Bitcoin for Ticket to Space

CNBC reported on Friday that Sir Richard Branson has permitted his space startup, Virgin Galactic, to accept Bitcoin as fare for a flight to space. Branson made the announcement in a blog post at Virgin. “The virtual currency has really captured the imagination recently as one of the world’s most innovative businesses looking to the future. So we think it …

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Black Beauty Meteorite from Mars Found in Africa

CNN reports a mysterious meteorite has been discovered in the northern part of Africa, and scientists are dating it at 4.4 billion years. The study was published in the journal Nature. Nicknamed “Black Beauty,” the authors of the study believe that this object is the first identifiable example of ancient Martian crust, which would have formed in the first 100 …

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8.8 Billion Earth-Like Planets Inhabit the Milky Way

The AP via NBC News took notice of a study published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences: apparently, Earth is one of 8.8 billion similar planets in the Milky Way that fall inside the “Goldilocks zone,” the area around a sun where a planet’s orbit is neither too hot nor too cold for life. A …

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