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Four Keys To Brand Monitoring

Forrester Research reiterated the importance of being aware of what people say about your brand online, and noted the four key parts to successfully evaluating potential brand monitoring solutions.

Outrage Over AOL Email Filtering Plans

AOL’s announcement last week that they are often deleting links and images from emails from those who aren’t whitelisted has created a firestorm from their subscribers.

Spam Sorts Sundance Successes

Unspam Technologies has a way to determine which entrants into the Sundance Film Festival are destined for stardom or the trash bin; they filter film descriptions through a Bayesian spam filter.

Web site IP Filtering

We’ve talked here before about filtering IP traffic by source for mail servers.

Google And MSN Tighter Filtering Of Emails

A new study from Lyris Technologies shows Gmail and Hotmail got much tighter for on their email filters and in so doing have filtered out more legitimate emails. Even though permission-based emails are up for the third straight quarter, this could be a problem.

Is AdSense Filtering A Good Idea?

With Google’s AdSense program, site owners and bloggers are given the option of filtering and blocking advertisements that don’t fit in with their site, either because they are from competition, are unrelated to the site content, or have a low payout. Google insists that webmasters are financially better off blocking ads as little as possible, an assertion many disagree with.

Filtering Out MSN’s Filter

MSN Filter sure is getting some people upset (hi Ross Mayfield). Personally I wanted to give MSN Filter a few weeks before giving my opinion, but Ross goaded me into it.

Googles SafeSearch: A Slight Defense Against Porn
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Porn, porn everywhere. I know that excites a lot of people, but it doesn’t excite us parents when search engines make it so easy to find. Of the big search engines, there is nothing as bad as Yahoo Video Search.

Chinas Internet Filtering The Worlds Most Sophisticated

When it comes to filtering content originating from the Internet, no one appears to do it as well as the Chinese government.

Canada Ripe For Search Engine Ad Targeting

A study by comScore found that Canadians web users performed many more searches than their American counterparts. According to comScore’s test, “approximately 85 percent of the Canadian Internet population conducted at least one search at the top engines each month, compared to 73 percent of the U.S. population.”

Application Layer Filtering (ALF): What is it and How does it Fit into your Security Plan?

ALF, not a nickname for Alfred but an acronym for Application Layer Filtering, is one of the hottest new buzzwords in a jargon-laden security subfield: firewall technology. Firewall vendors are rushing to implement ALF into their firewall products, and/or beefing up their ALF implementations to compete with those of other vendors. But exactly what is ALF and is it a “must have” feature to look for when you buy a firewall, or just another bit of marketing hype?

SonicWall Firewall Provides Content Filtering for Networks
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Recently, I was asked to help a school install Internet access for the classroom Macs. They already had an Ethernet network installed. I recommended DirecTVDSL (formerly Telocity) as the provider and ordered their DSL service. One advantage of their service over some cable and DSL providers is the provision of a fixed IP address. So if the school wanted to host their own website, it would be possible. Service was connected in less than 2 weeks. [Update: In December 2002 DirecTV DSL announced they would cease operations, at this time Bellsouth looks like the preferred replacement vendor].

Taming your Tomcat: Filtering tricks for Tomcat 5

Designing maintainable high-performance systems

The new Tomcat 5 server takes filters to a new level of deployment flexibility. Tomcat 5’s support for the upcoming Servlet 2.4 and JSP 2.0 specifications gives filter writers a new way to integrate and deploy these flexible components — tapping directly into the request dispatcher’s operations. In this article, Sing Li takes you on a guided tour of the new enhancement and gives you some hands-on training. See how Tomcat 5 can benefit Web application frameworks and lead ultimately to the design of maintainable high-performance systems.

How to Get Rid of Denial-of-Service Attacks

On August 10th I had the opportunity to talk about (Distributed)
Denial of Service (DDoS) at the Megabit 2002 event. I wanted to
show a new way to use standard routers and protocols to combat denial
of service. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to really prepare
the test setup. I was unable to show conclusively that it works. I was
able to explain how it is supposed to work. I’m going to repeat that
part here and then talk about the Cisco router configurations that
make it all happen.

Defense In Depth – A Layered Approach Network Security

External information access from partners and employees is a very important aspect in the design of security. Corporations need to be assured that their critical servers are safe from different internet threats. Additionally, because the Web is worldwide, it is impossible to create a global agreement on what traffic is inappropriate and how that traffic should be regulated. A major problem IT departments face is how to defend critical servers from hostile network traffic and network addresses. How do we add layers of security to protect our internet servers and internal systems?