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70% of U.S. Silent Films Have Been Lost Forever

The U.S. Library of Congress this week revealed the troubling statistic that 70% of silent-era films made in the U.S. have been lost forever. In a report titled “The Survival of American Silent Feature Films: 1912-1929,” the library has compiled information on all of the surviving films of that era. Though earlier reports have found that 10,919 different feature-length silent …

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Now Streaming: Rare Hitchcock Film “The White Shadow”

Thanks to the efforts of the National Film Preservation Foundation, you can now watch a recently-recovered mid-twenties Alfred Hitchcock film for free online. Well, kind of and kind of. Hitchcock is not the credited director of the film, called The White Shadow. That honor goes to Graham Cutts, a popular British director of the era. Hitchcock worked with Cutts on …

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