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‘Fighter Within’ Gets a Punchy Launch Trailer

With only days until the launch of the Xbox One, gamers are now getting their final looks at launch titles for the system. Microsoft earlier today released a brutal launch trailer for Ryse: Son of Rome, and Capcom’s launch trailer for Dead Rising 3 is also heavy on the blood. Now, Ubisoft is previewing its Kinect fighting game, Fighter Within. …

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Here’s How Ubisoft’s Fighter Within Works… Kind Of

How do you make a fighter using Kinect as the only input method? Well, we still don’t really know, but Ubisoft’s latest trailer for Fighter Within at least attempts to explain. Claiming to give us an “Inside the game” look, the latest trailer for Fighter Within treats us instead to a trailer attempting to be informative and funny. It fails …

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Ubisoft’s Fighter Within Gets A New Gameplay Trailer

The Xbox One will be launching with not one, but two fighting games on November 22. The first is a reboot of Rare’s classic fighting game franchise Killer Instinct while the other is a motion controlled fighting game from Ubisoft. Guess which one just got a new trailer today. If you were hoping for more Killer Instinct, you’ll be disappointed …

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‘Fighter Within’ Kinect Game Revealed at Gamescom

In the midst of all the FIFA-related news at Microsoft’s Gamescom, Ubisoft slipped in the announcement of a new Kinect game for the Xbox One. A game that isn’t a Just Dance title. Titled Fighter Within, the game will use the new Kinect to pit players against each other in virtual fights. Players can use punches and kicks against opponents, …

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