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PES 2014 Hopes To Win Over The FIFA Faithful With Its New Engine And Gameplay
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EA rules the world of soccer with its FIFA franchise. It’s the best selling sports game around the world every year thanks in part to its exclusive license with FIFA and all the benefits that brings. Konami has tried to …

Javier Hernandez to be on FIFA 14 Covers in North America

EA Sports has announced that is has signed Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez to a multi-year endorsement contract. As part of the new contract, Hernandez will be featured on the cover of the upcoming FIFA 14 in Mexico and on one of …

Have Some More Wii U Trailers Before The Console’s Sunday Launch

The Wii U launches on Sunday. Until then, prospective buyers will have to decide what games they want to get for the new system. Nintendo already shared a smattering of Wii U launch trailers yesterday to inform your decision making, …

EA And Nexon Discuss FIFA Online, Buyout Rumors Untrue

Remember when the Internet lost its collective minds last week when rumors began to swirl that Nexon, the South Korean publisher of free-to-play titles, offered to buy EA? Yeah, that’s not what happened. After a South Korean newspaper, translated by …

Marketing Lessons From The World Cup
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IMB_2010FIFAWorldCupLogo Now that the Round of 16 is over and we are down to the final 8 teams that will be playing in the Quarterfinals of the World Cup – most of the marketing that has accompanied the games has been p