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Verizon Doubles FiOS Speeds to 300 Mbps Verizon Doubles FiOS Speeds to 300 Mbps

Verizon today announced that next month it will double the speeds for its FiOS broadband service. The company will be introducing a 300 Mbps connection as its highest-tier option. As Ars Technica points out, this is faster than most single-band …

Google Fiber Expands to Kansas City, MO Google Fiber Expands to Kansas City, MO
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In 2010, Google kicked off a contest to find a city to test its experimental, ultra-high-speed fiber network.  The ambitious network will boast 1 gigabit per second fiber-to-the-home connectivity, a speed nearly 100 times faster than most Americans have currently. …

Google’s Experimental Fiber Network Finds Home

A little over a year ago, Google announced its intentions to build and test ultra-high-speed broadband networks in select cities across America.  Interested communities were asked to send their requests to Google for consideration.  Today, after hundreds of thousands of …

Fiber To The Home Reaches 2 Million

Around 2.1 million U.S. households, or close to 2 percent, have fiber optic connections to the Internet, according to a study sponsored by the Fiber-to-the-Home Council and Telecommunications Industry Association and conducted by RVA Market Research.