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George Takei Sets Phaser To Peace Between “Star” Stars

Human rights activist and the once and future Mr. Sulu, George Takei, has entered the fray among his two sci-fi colleagues, William Shatner and Carrie Fisher, in hopes of quelling their YouTube dispute over which sci-fi franchise is better, Star Trek or Star Wars. As the debate between the two quickly accelerated from professional disagreement to vile personal attacks (the …

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Kirk Cameron Responds to Stephen Hawking on Facebook

Stephen Hawking has drawn the ire of former Growing Pains star and active celebrity Christian evangelist Kirk Cameron. If you happened to miss it, British theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking made some comments about death, Christianity and the afterlife in an interview with the Guardian this week. Stephen Hawking, thought of by many as one of the premier thinkers …

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