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Instagram a Feet Pic and Toms Will Donate a Pair of Shoes to a Child in Need

Somewhere between the bad food pic and the car selfie lies the bare feet pic, an Instagram post that very few people really care to see. But now, that foot selfie will actually do some good in the world. Toms, the shoe company known for donating a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair purchased, is …

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Man Fulfills Odd eBay Request for Pics of Wife’s Feet

Today, the internet has one truly disappointed foot fetishist. Redditor Ferenginar’s wife decided to sell a pair of shoes on eBay, only to be hounded by one potential buyer’s odd requests for photos of her wearing said shoes. “Would you be able to take a few pictures wearing the shoes (both shoes)…different angles. Send picture to me in message,” asked …

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Julianne Moore: Toes Are Getting Cut Off

Julianne Moore never realized that she was having a wardrobe malfunction while walking the red carpet at Cannes until she got home and saw the pictures online. Due to a busy night and a long dress, Moore never noticed that her toes were popping out the sides of her heels. “I didn’t feel a thing — not a thing,” she …

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