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Feedster Says ‘Tag This’

Feedster’s taking a new approach to tagging with the introduction of a code script that basically bolts a tag submission form to your blog posts (see the footer of this post for an example).

Feedster Introduces RSS Advertising

RSS search engine Feedster has announced they are introducing RSS advertising so those who are interested can generate revenue from their blog feed.

Feedster Issues RSS Tutorial For Safari Users

Some have questioned whether or not RSS content would continue its rise in popularity, or would it taper off like many Internet fads that have come and gone. Apparently, RSS is here to stay, and its following appears to be getting stronger and stronger.

Feedster Accused of Spamming Search Engines

Tim Yang is claiming that the claim your feed function at Feedster is spamming Google et al…

Feedster Shares Its Blogging Policy

Even though it seems like I’m moving a million miles per hour these days, I can always find time to check my feeds.

Emerging Tech Dinner at Yahoo

A couple days ago, I was leaving work and was really surprised to run into Scott Rafer (Feedster CEO), Rich Skrenta (Topix.net co-founder), Ross Mayfield (Socialtext CEO) and a few others.

Reference Tracking Via Technorati, Feedster, and Bloglines

I was listening to the Jan 14th Gilmor Gang a little while ago. This is the first time I’ve listened to the show.

Should Google Buy Technorati?

Russell Shaw of The Industry Standard thinks Google should buy blog-tracker and search engine Technorati.

Feedster’s New Investor

Feedster who recently released a test version of its first Developer API has announced that the Omidyar Network is its most recent investor.

Feedster Launches Developer Network and Contest

Feedster has launched its developer network and contest for best new applications and uses for its technology.

Feedster Teams with Washington Post
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Feedster has teamed up with washingtonpost.com to provide opinion and up-to-date commentary about the presidential debate from political and election bloggers at debate.Feedster.com.

Feedster Launches RSS Feed Media Program

Feedster, Inc announced the launch of its RSS feed media program. The Company’s RSS search feeds will soon contain context targeted ads from Kanoodle, Inc.

Feedster Introduces New Look, New Search Options, Sponsored Ads

Subscription news search engine Feedster introduced an improved version of its web presence, complete with enhanced search features, a new, more streamlined look, and sponsored listings. The sponsored listings, which appear on Feedster’s SERPs, are being provided by Overture.

Google URL Points To Blog Search

I recently wrote on a discovery by several bloggers that the Google bot was requesting non-existant files from root directories lately. Many think this indicates that Google has plans to launch their own blog search engine.